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I am Rhiannon, 22. My son, currently 10 months old diagnosed at less than a month old with Chronic Kidney Disease. 
He now has end stage renal failure & on PD dialysis at home. 

Here is a little & brief story about our journey and why this means so much to us;

We were transferred from Scunthorpe General Hospital to Leeds Childrens Hospital where the care was exceptional & still continues to be so. 
Roman receives all his care through Leeds which means lots of car journeys for us but nevertheless he isn't phased. 

Roman was born on 03/03/2020. He has had endless NG tubes, an NJ tube, now has a PEG for feeding & PD catheter for dialysis, quite a lot of operations & procedures, needles, cannulas & sleepovers at hospital -- I call it our second home. We can spend weeks - months there at any one time but Roman isn't phased as he absolutely loves the staff there & loves flirting with the nurses haha!

This hospital has done so much for us and it is so important for me to give back and ensure they continue to being able to deliver to the same great service, experience & care as what we receive to others. 

Please. I know it's a difficult time for everyone but if you could donate absolutely anything at all. It all adds up & will make a HUGE difference. 

Thank you for taking the time to read, share or donate. 

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